Bringing Health Care Home

Why House Calls? 

After spending time practicing medicine in a clinical setting, I began to notice a few things:

  • Patients often arrived in a rush, carrying the added stress of leaving work responsibilities, driving through traffic, and finding a suitable parking spot
  • The overall tone of the visit had a reserved quality, with each patient performing with their 'best behavior'
  • The power dynamic overwhelmingly rested in the practitioner's hands, decreasing the control patients felt over their own health 

This didn't sit well with me, so I created a concierge-style house call practice. This provided the following changes:

  • Patients can schedule appointments during evenings and weekends, allowing visits during times that are convenient for them and their family
  • A full impression of the home environment including eating habits and possible allergens 
  • Access to current medication and supplements, which often get forgotten or mixed up during an office visit
  • The overall tone is typically more relaxed and conversational, allowing the patient to be more open about their symptoms and needs, and taking more ownership over their care


**Prior to the initial visit I require a complimentary consultation call

to review chief concerns and determine if concierge care is an appropriate fit**

Initial Visit

  • Scheduled for 90min
  • Review main health concerns and take a full medical history. This can include diet, stress levels, sleep, hormones, digestion, current protocol, and pertinent family history. 
  • A physical examination or laboratory testing may be included
  • An initial treatment plan and session review will be created for your reference


  • Scheduled for 45min, usually 4-6 weeks from the initial visit
  • Typically this time is used to review lab results, assess symptom improvement, and create an appropriate updated treatment plan
  • Subsequent follow ups are usually scheduled a month apart, to allow appropriate time to establish lifestyle changes and determine efficacy of treatment


**For those that prefer seeing a doctor in a clinical setting, you can find me here: