My Story

Three things have made the most influence on my choice to become a Naturopathic Doctor: growing up vegetarian, my grandmother, and my love for music & dancing

  • Growing up vegetarian gave me an understanding from an early age on what it feels like to be healthy. My parents showed us the importance of a balanced meal and what nutrients were important for our bodies to function at their best. I was taught to listen to my body, and although  I now eat chicken & some red meat to my diet I can't stray too far without getting inner cues that it's time to eat a salad.
  • I was very close with my grandmother. She was very involved in the arts and nature, and would take me on walks to show me intricacies of the natural world around us. Showing me up close things like flower pollination or the difference between a weed and an herb gave me an intimate relationship with plants early on, and I love the idea that we can plant & grow our own medicine.
  • I have also loved music & dancing for as long as I can remember. The two go hand-in-hand for me, I must dance when I hear music. I gained an interest in ballet, but soon grew to appreciate the other forms (jazz, modern, African, etc). Once I started learning about biology it was an easy leap to medicine - dance brought the initial interest of muscles, tendons, and bones, while the knowledge of cellular structure, metabolism, and biochemistry followed shortly after.

These all coalesced into an understanding that the body isn't a jumble of  separate structures, but one integral system with each part dependent and affected by the other. It's important to take the time to look at the signs/symptoms  (ie a rash) as a possible indication of an overall imbalance (ie sensitivity to a food).

  • Undergraduate  Degree: BA in Psychology from California State University, East Bay
  • Graduate Degree: Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences
  • Residency and Post-Doctorate Training: Family & Botanical Medicine, each with  private practice specialists
  • Member of the Minnesota Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • Personally coached over 3,000 participants in the areas of weight loss, diabetes, and hypercholesterolemia  

I find that the most important factor for an effective medical practitioner is Listening. Listening to what is being said, but also to what is not being said.  Yes, I have the medical training and expensive degree, but it means nothing without taking the time and effort to discover the true cause for each patient's discomfort/unease.

Each person I see has a story. They've come from a family. While they are under my care, and often afterwards, I treat them as a member of mine.

Speaking of family, I'm originally  from Oakland, California, and currently  live in St. Paul Minnesota. In addition to doctoring I enjoy being the Momma to two amazing children, who constantly inspire me to find new ways to make them smile.


What I Treat

Although NDs can treat all medical conditions, some of the most common ailments I see are:

  • Allergies (food and seasonal)
  • digestive discomfort
  • hormonal imbalances
  • weight management
  • respiratory conditions
  • eczema, chronic acne
  • heart disease
  • fertility concerns
  • menopause
  • adrenal fatigue
  • fibromyalgia
  • chronic fatigue syndrome